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Grey Alder (Alnus incana)

Grey Alder
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Maximum height, 70ft (22m) It flourishes on loose infertile sites and suckers freely which helps bind the soil together. If planted on riversides it can assist in preventing banks being washed away. It is commonly planted on reclaimed industrial spoil heaps for, as with common alder, it fixes nitrogen from the air and improves the fertility of the site. Grows up to 5m. Will tolerate almost any soil condition except shallow chalk. Fast growing and easy, will thrive even in waterlogged conditions. Excellent for shelter belts. Flowers appear before the leaves, which are sticky when young. Woody, cone-like fruits are 1.5cm long and contain broadly winged nutlets. The male catkins are yellow and pendulous. The female catkins occur in clusters and are first green then reddish in colour.
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