Did You Know..? :: Sequoias, Redwoods, Oak
"Over 40 years a tree can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere"

More Info?

If you're interested in using our trees as a gift at your event but want more information, we'd love to hear from you.

You can either call us on 01726 810188 or email us.


Whether you are holding a special Birthday Party, catering for a Wedding, Anniversary or indeed an important AGM or product launch, our tree gifts will ensure your guests go away with something to treasure and remember.

Educational, and a real conversation piece, you can be sure that the giving of a tree will ensure your special day or your Organisation is remembered for years to come.

We can provide personalised labels for even the smallest events and by giving a tree, not only will your event be remembered but you will be doing something really positive towards the environment.

Fantastic Variety

We have already catered for many Weddings with species like the English Oak, under which Centuries ago, marriage ceremonies were performed. School reunions seem to like to choose the Horsechestnut (Conker tree) to bring back those happy schoolyard memories, and the Corporate giants can choose from a wide array of British, European or American natives to assist in their Green approach to the Environment.

Our trees were chosen by the BPMA as the Best Product in show at the National Incentive Show, NEC 2004, and used at their Awards Dinner in London in December as their table gift. They were also widely appreciated in Trafalgar Square when Scottish and Southern Energy transformed the Square into a Scottish Glen with a mini woodland and handed out our trees to promote their new energy, Power2. .

When Christmas Comes

Our specialised Christmas Gift team can really help when it comes to Christmas gift time, as we try to promote the giving of a real Christmas tree instead of a card which wastes paper and will be thrown away after the event.

With several traditional festive trees to choose from as well as more unusual ideas like the Sweet Chestnut, we are able to send your individual Christmas trees to your friends, family or client list for you as our direct mailing services will take all that extra Seasonal hassle away.

Do something positive at your next event, and above all be remembered! Give a Tree!