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"An average car that drives 11,000 miles a year emits its own weight in CO2"

A Fantastic Range of Trees & Saplings

All of our saplings are ethically sourced from sustainable forests or nurseries. The transparent plastic protective tubes and packaging are all 100% recyclable. One of our trees makes the perfect eco-friendly gift for friends, family, or as a corporate incentive at a conference or event.

With many exotic species available, we are able to offer a gift which is earth friendly, educational and which will help to reduce the effect of Global Warming. Starting from only £6.99 do your bit to save the planet.

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Giant Sequoia :: Great Big Trees
Giant Sequoia Only £12.99

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English Oak :: Great Big Trees
English Oak Only £6.99

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Christmas Tree :: Great Big Trees
Xmas Tree Only £9.99

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Amazing Trees

Would you like to own one of the most spectacular trees in the world? Choose from the Giant Sequoia or Coastal Redwood.

Sequoia, Redwood, more...

British Natives

We stock a wide range of trees native to the British Isles. If you live in a slightly cooler climate, these trees are certain to thrive.

English Oak, Wild Cherry, more...

European Natives

Pick from a wide variety of trees from continental Europe. These are great for adding diversity to your landscape.

Larch, Silver Birch, Osier, more...

American Natives

Choose from a selection of classic American trees. These trees are iconic across parks and golf courses throughout the USA.

Douglas Fir, Monterey Pine, more...

Festive Trees

Prepare for Christmas in style by growing your own Christmas Tree or Holly Bush. Excellent as presents for friends and family.

Norway Spruce, Nordman Fir, more...

Seasonal Greetings

Send a personalised festive tree as a card this Christmas. Choose from a range of four fantastic trees.

Norway Spruce, Giant Sequoia, more..